5 Transformative Tech Trends 2030

Rise of AI: Increasing white collar job automation

Extended https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Highlights-of-industrial-revolutions_fig1_324952880

Autonomous Driving: It’s finally within reach

Tesla Autopilot FSD San Francisco to Los Angeles with Zero Interventions https://youtu.be/dQG2IynmRf8

Robots in the wild: Cleaning, mowing, serving food

Boston Dynamics https://youtu.be/fn3KWM1kuAw

3D Internet and digital worlds: Browsing becomes walking through web space

Oculus Quest 2 https://www.oculus.com/quest-2/

New Space Age: Global internet coverage and Mars colonialization

SpaceX Starman https://youtu.be/aBr2kKAHN6M





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Felix Naser

Felix Naser


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