The automotive industry is facing major challenges. Software (both for UI/UX and autonomous driving), e-mobility and MaaS are shifting the focus of value creation and changing potential business models. But challenges always come with opportunities. It’s likely that due to the expected macroeconomics the number of sold cars per year…

  • Rise of AI: Increasing white collar job automation
  • Autonomous Driving: It’s finally within reach
  • Robots in the wild: Cleaning, mowing, serving food
  • 3D Internet and digital worlds: Browsing becomes walking through web space
  • New Space Age: Global internet coverage and Mars colonialization

Rise of AI: Increasing white collar job automation


Artificial power paved the way for the industrial…

Spotlight on German OEMs

05/2020: Audi quits bid to give A8 Level 3 autonomy [1]

10/2020: Rückzieher bei Technik-Hoffungsträger: BMW iNext fährt doch nicht autonom [2]

Spotlight on USA Tech Companies

10/2020: Tesla to release ‘Full Self-Driving Beta’ to some customers next week [3]

10/2020: Waymo Restarts Robotaxi Service Without Human Safety Drivers [4]





J.D. Power Ranking 2020

With the initial quality score of 250 PP100 Tesla is unofficially ranked last [1, 5]. “Unlike other manufacturers, Tesla doesn’t grant us permission to survey its owners in 15 states where it is required,” said Doug Betts, president of the automotive division at J.D. Power. …

Commercial Mowing Market Analysis

Operations (recurring)

Germany: ~3–12bn € per year

  • Ca. 6.000 km2 public greens in Germany [1] [2]
  • Ca. 0,05 to 0,2 € per m2 [3]
  • Ca. 10 times per year [4]

USA: ~$35bn per year

  • Ca. $100bn revenue landscaping industry [5]
  • Ca. 51% commercial landscaping [6]
  • Ca. 70% (=51% full-service + 19% mowing, trimming, etc.) [5]

Commercial mowers (one-time)

Germany: ~0,75bn € pear year [12]

USA: ~$4bn per year [13]

Commercial Sewer System Market Analysis

Germany: ~7bn € per year

  • Ca. 560.000 km length of sewer…

Google conducted a study for over 2 years and they conducted 200+ interviews with employees. They looked at more than 250 attributes of 180+ active Google teams.

Who vs. How

One of the key findings was that it mattered more how the team interacts than who was in the team. At first, this…

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In 2050 around 70% of the world’s population will live in cities according to the UN [1]. How will urban mobility look like in the next decades? Which mobility products and business models will be successful?

  1. Deciding Factors: Convenience and Cost
  2. Urban Mobility Landscape: More Options become available
  3. Autonomous Driving…

The innovator’s dilemma by Clayton Christensen was an eye-opener for me to understand why it is so hard for industry leaders to keep up with disruptive technical change. I think it also highlights the power of his concepts, that already around 20 years ago he discussed in a case study (chapter 10) why e-mobility could become a disruptive technical change for the automotive industry.

7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey was inspiring to read. I like the character-based viewpoint in contrast to other personal / business books.

I like these 3 TED talks, because of their empowering messages and inspiring ideas.

Robert Waldinger is a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and Zen priest. He is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and directs the Harvard Study of Adult Development, one of the longest-running studies of adult life ever done. What makes a good life? It’s all about your friends!
Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership — starting with a golden circle and the question “Why?” His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King, and the Wright brothers.
Kevin Kelly about what he calls the 1st (artificial power) and 2nd (artificial intelligence) industrial revolutions.

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